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Ritanveshi is a dream project for everyone who wants to eradicate the myths out of society. 'Ritanveshi' is a combination of two words i.e. RIT (Truth)+ ANVESHI (Searcher). We are all geared up to re-invent the lost practices and methods of Sanatan culture, spread the message and authentic teachings of classical texts, globally, and promote spiritual tourism. With a clear vision and mission, Ritanveshi is divided into 3 verticals viz. Ritambhara, Yogayan, and Ritgamini..

Our Mission


With a strong mindset to re-establish and connect dots of Sanatan Culture in society, we will establish a state of the art research facility that will help conduct researches on ancient Sanatan practices. Collaborations with Universities, Research groups and other associations for training courses, workshops, seminars and spiritual tours. Connecting with nature through cleansing prepositions for internal and external detoxification of 5 elements. Source and manufacture daily use products ranging from herbal mineral-rich water to air purification mechanisms is our primary AOI.

Our Vision

Facilitate platform to connect subject expert and knowledge seeker for righteous knowledge transfer and set up laboratories for conducting scientific researches. To propagate wisdom, teachings and daily use healthcare products handpicked from different Sanatan texts useful for a clean, detoxified and healthy tomorrow.


Ritanveshi Yogayan Foundation

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Classical Yoga & Practical Level 1

16 Mar 2022

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Explore the Yogic Life Style with the Indian Yogis.


Ritambhara Paramanas Shodh Sansthan (Ritanveshi Research Lab) establishes scientific researches on Human Consciousness, and Publishes the outcomes in International Journals.


Yogayan provides platform for Yoga Courses, Holistic Healing Courses, Vedic Arts and Detoxification Courses around the Globe for fulfilling Education, Training and Establishing Yogic Life Style purpose.


Ritgamini provides Detoxification of 5 Tatwas in a manner which heals the Environment, Human Body and Human Consciousness. Ritgamini works in Eco services, Social Services and Health Products.


Vishranti (Spiritual Tourism and Retreats) establishes the infrastructure to revitalize the lost Ancient Indian Religious Culture, Places and The Concept of Teerth.

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Director & Founder Ritanveshi Yogayan Foundation

Dr. Rajesh K Raj

Our Director has done Ph.D in Human Consciousness and he is Post Doctoral in Parapsychology from Vienna University.


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