Ritanveshi Yogayan

“We dare to believe in the truth, dare to practice the truth!”

Ritanveshi is a means, and effect is spiritual regeneration of whole mankind.

The goal of Ritanveshi is spiritual against the material, fulfilling the diverse requirements of living in a balanced manner, so that no aspect is over-emphasized.

We provide yoga training and believe to promote serious study and research in the spiritual arena created by ancient Rishis of Bharatvarsha, in order to bring about personal integration in the life of an individual on various levels such as spiritual, religious, psychological and social. This can be done by enabling people to create a vital link between their faith and their daily lives.

Ritanveshi pursues to heal the dichotomy between the human and the divine. With a clear vision and mission, Ritanveshi is a cluster of four segments namely Yogayan our Education endeavor, Ritambhara our Reasearch & Health endeavor, Vishranti – Spiritual Tourism, and Ritgamini our Sansar Kalyan store.

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Why Learn With Us

Quality services

We offer extensive and comprehensive courses for better understanding of every aspect

Experienced teachers

Our teachers have more than 20 years of experience in this field

Traditional & Authentic

Ritanveshi is rooted with Indian tradition and believes in promoting study created by Ancient Rishis

Flexible Timetable

We offer courses with flexible timing, you can attend the course as per your own convenience

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