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Gopashtami festival is celebrated on the Ashtami date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. Cows are worshiped and prayed on this day. It is a religious belief that from Kartik Shukla Pratipada to Saptami, Lord Shri Krishna wore Govardhan mountain on his finger, and on the eighth day Indra Dev came to Shri Krishna to ask for forgiveness after renouncing his anger. Since then the festival of Gopashtami is celebrated on the day of Kartik Shukla Ashtami. It has been told in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta that when the gods and demons churned the ocean, the Kamdhenu cow emerged in it. Which the sages had kept with them because they were holy. It is believed that other cows originated from then onwards. Not only this, it has been told in Mahabharata that Goddess Lakshmi resides in cow dung and urine. That is why both things are used in auspicious work.

Significance of Gopashtami

The cow has a sacred place in Hinduism. It is said that many gods and goddesses reside in the cow and hence the cow gets a place of worship. This festival of Gopashtami is associated with cow dung. The mention of Kamadhenu is also found in mythological texts. Whose origin was done by Devas and Asuras during Sumadra Manthan? It is believed that people who worship cows on the eve of Gopashtami get happiness, prosperity, and good fortune.

Subh Muhurta

Ashtami date starts – 06:49 am on November 12, 2021

Ashtami date ends - 05:51 am on November 13, 2021

Puja Vidhi

On the day of Gopashtami, after waking up in the morning, bathe the cows. After worshiping the cows with scent, flowers, etc., the cowherds should be honored by giving them gifts, etc. Cows are decorated on this day. Also, offer food and circumambulate them. It is said that on this day one should walk with cows for a while. When the cows come back in the evening, do their Panchopchar worship and give them something to eat. In the end, apply the soil of the feet of Gaumata on the forehead and bow to her with folded hands. It is believed that doing so brings good luck.

Gopashtami Vrat Katha

In the Dwapar era, when the atrocities increased a lot and everyone on the earth started calling out to God, then Lord Vishnu took his incarnation in the form of Shri Krishna. Krishna Ji was born in the prison of King Kansa of Mathura, but he was brought up in Gokul. When Krishna Ji turned 6 years old, one day he told Mother Yashoda Ji that now I have grown up. After listening to her Lalla, Maya said, what should Lalla do? After listening to Maya, the girl said that now I will leave the calf grazing and go to the forest to feed the cow. Mother said it is okay, Lalla, ask your Baba, if he says yes, then you go to the forest to graze the cow. When Nand Baba came home in the evening, Krishna Ji asked that Baba, I will go to the forest to graze the cows from tomorrow. Nand Ji said that it is okay, Lalla, you go and call Pandit Ji, only after seeing the auspicious time, you go to feed the cow.After listening to his Nanda Baba, Kaniya immediately reached Pandit ji and said that Baba has called you. You have to see the time of cow feeding. Hearing Krishna Ji, Pandit Ji reached Nand Ji's house. 

Pandit Ji saw the Panchag and started counting again and again. Seeing this, Nand Baba said that Pandit what are you counting again and again. On being asked by Nand Ji, Pandit Ji said that today is the auspicious time for cow feeding, after that there is no auspicious time for one year. Hearing this, Nand ji had to allow Kanha to feed the cow. And from that day Lord Krishna ji had started Gau Charan. Whatever work God does, that becomes auspicious time. And this auspicious date was Ashtami of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. That's why it got the name Gopastami. After this Yashoda Maiya adorned Lalla and started wearing shoes on her feet, then Krishna refused. And said that my whole cow will go to the jungle without shoes. So how can I go wearing shoes? After that, the whole cow of Nand Baba went back and forth and Lord Krishna Ji went back and forth in the forest. It is said that as long as the Lord lived in Vrindavan, he did not put shoes on his feet. And till his youth, he created his childhood.