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Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima is also known as Tripurari Purnima. According to religious beliefs, on this day Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasur. In this happiness, the deities had lit the lamp. Hence there is a tradition of celebrating Dev Diwali on the day of Kartik Purnima.

Kartik Purnima auspicious time

Kartik Purnima date starts - 18 November 2021 from 12:00 noon
Kartik Purnima date ends - 19 November 2021 at 02:26 pm
Moonrise time on Kartik Purnima - 17:28:24

Significance of Kartik Purnima

According to Hindu mythology, this day of Kartik Purnima is religiously and spiritually significant. The day of Kartik Purnima is a day to please the deities. That is why on this day people attain virtue by taking a dip in the Ganges and donating. Devotees get immense good fortune by taking a Kartik bath and worshiping Lord Vishnu. That is why on Kartik Purnima one must bathe in a holy river or water tank, do charity and charity work, and don a lamp. Most auspicious for performing religious ceremonies on Kartik Purnima. One of the days. That is why many rituals and festivals end on this day. It is believed that auspicious ceremonies performed on this day bring happiness.

Kartik Purnima Puja Vidhi

  • On the day of Kartik Purnima, wake up early in the morning and take bath in Brahma Muhurta.
  • If possible take a bath in the holy river. If you cannot bathe in the river, then take bath by mixing a little Ganges water in the bathing water.
  • If possible, do not eat food on this day and observe a fruit fast.
  • After that worship Lakshmi Narayan by lighting a lamp of desi ghee.
  • Reciting the story of Satyanarayan on this day gives God's blessings.
  • Kheer must be offered to God on this day.
  • In the evening, after performing the aarti of Lakshmi Narayan, light a lamp of ghee in Tulsi Ji and light the lamp around the house.

Why celebrate Kartik Purnima ?

There is also a story about Lord Kartikeya, the eldest son of Shiva Parvati, which describes the importance of worshiping him on this day. It is said that when his younger brother Shri Ganesha was declared victorious in the competition to be worshiped first, Kartikeya became very angry and went on to do sadhana. When Shiva and Parvati went to celebrate him, they cursed in anger that if a woman came to see him, she would suffer for seven births and if a man tried to do so, he would go to hell after death. Later, somehow Mahadev and Devi pacified his anger and said that one day should be there for his darshan, then Kartikeya said that his darshan on Kartik Purnima would be very fruitful. That is why he now gives darshan once a year. That is why he has only one temple which is in Gwalior. Said to be 400 years old, the doors of this temple are opened once a year on the night of Kartik Purnima and are closed for a year after the early morning bath.