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About Ritanveshi

ऋतान्वेषी एक दर्शन है, सत्य की खोज है एवं चेतना की सतत यात्रा है। यह सनातन संस्कृति की अनंत अकथ अगाध विस्तार में एक नन्हा ज्योति है जो पथिकों को सिद्ध से मिलाने का मार्ग प्रशस्त करता है। अपनी संस्कृति को संरक्षण और संवर्धन करना ही ऋतान्वेषी का उद्देश्य है। इसका प्रतीक विशिष्ट यंत्र है जिसका मूल मंत्र है परा अपराऔर परापरा। अपरा इस संसार के सत्य को कहते हैं इस संसार से परे अलौकिक सत्य को परा कहते हैं एवं इन दोनों के मध्य का सत्य परापरा है। परम सत्य शून्य स्वरूपा है यदि इसका कोई प्रतीक हो सकता है तो वह बिंदु है, जिसकी न कोई लंबाई न कोई चौड़ाई ना कोई क्षेत्रफल है। बिंदु ब्लैक होल का प्रतीक है। सनातन मान्यता यह है कि बिंदु से अमृत चूता है और यह अमृत प्राण और ऊर्जा को निर्मित करता है जिससे सृष्टि होती है। ऋतान्वेषी का प्रती क भी बिंदु से अमृत चूता हुआ दृश्य है जो दो दल कमल रुपी आज्ञा चक्र मे विसर्जित हो रहा है। यह यंत्र अकथ त्रिकोण को भी दर्शात है जो एक दिव्य मंडल है।

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Ritanveshi dare to believe in the truth, dare to practice the truth!
Ritanveshi is a means, and effect is spiritual regeneration of whole mankind

The goal of Ritanveshi is spiritual against the material, fulfilling the diverse requirements of living in a balanced manner, so that no aspect is over-emphasized.

We believe to promote serious study and research in the spiritual arena created by ancient Rishis of Bharatvarsha, in order to bring about personal integration in the life of an individual on various levels such as spiritual, religious, psychological and social.

This can be done by enabling people to create a vital link between their faith and their daily lives. Ritanveshi pursues to heal the dichotomy between the human and the divine. With a clear vision and mission, Ritanveshi is divided into four segments namely Education, Health, Tourism and Rit Kart.

What is Ritanveshi?

Ritanveshi is the journey of a person who seeks truth.

Ritambhara is that wisdom that can be achieved at a higher level of consciousness and which is full of ‘Rit’ or truth. All the sciences, knowledge and skills energize from ‘Rit’. These knowledge systems have been spreading in this world by traditions.

This enables the living beings to get their orientation and their fate. This also flows ‘health’ means the position of the self which is possible only if one adopts ‘Rit’.

Ritambhara is that universal science which by itself or which through flow and growth makes a balance between natural principles.

Why Ritanveshi?

Because you are unique.

We don’t believe there is just one way to achieve higher conscious. We believe everyone can not be measured by the same yardstick. We believe the same rules can not be applied to every single person.

We are all unique and so our modes, mediums to meet the maker are unique to us. Ritanveshi helps us to identify our mediums and acts like a catalyst in this journey.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create a holistic spiritual learning, and practicing center for one and all. Our mission is to conduct research and apply Indian ancient knowledge to provide solutions for current global concerns.

Ritanveshi envisions to bring the following concepts to life

Yogayan Yoga Mandal

Yogayan is the group of such yogis who use all the dimensions of Yoga according to the universal science of Yoga for enrichment of social development. Yoga Science is that natural science which is essential for the present-day needs, but majority of modern-day practitioners of Yoga are misguided as far as the direction and position (state) is concerned.

Yogayan is that pious light which keeps pure Yoga Universal and ever loving but in today’s kalyug’s darkness, it is only twinkling. Yogayan is always awakened for obeying the laws of truth. The path of Yoga is the appropriate desirable goal for Ritanveshi.

The study of Yogayan makes ways to create Yoga Group (Yoga Mandal) for research, training, treatment etc. for welfare of the mankind.

Vishranti Tirth Vihar

Vishranti is an incredible spiritual journey that re-establishes bliss, peace and prosperity. According to spiritual texts, there are 10 goals of a spiritual journey known as ‘Das (10) Vidha Aushdham’ i.e.

  • Sighting
  • Vibration based Treatment
  • Offering
  • Ritual based Treatments
  • Austerity and Penance
  • Dietetic Regimen
  • Lifestyle Regimen
  • Counselling based Treatments
  • Realization based Treatment
  • Meditation based Treatment

Vishranti Tirth Vihar focuses and emphasizes on these 10 aspects of ‘Das Vidha Aushdham’, without which a ‘Tirth’ or a spiritual journey is considered incomplete. Furthermore, Vishranti Tirth Vihar selects certain spiritually charged places that, in turn, amplify the effects of your visit for Tirth.


These spiritually charged destinations are chosen keeping in mind about Vastu and local deities that further extend the benefits of performing Yoga and Meditation activities under their subtle supervision for any of your personal and/or spiritual interests.

Ritgamini (RitKart) – Divine spiritual products

There are many paths stated in Sanatan Dharma that lead to a common aspiration. Such aspiration will make you follow the path of truthfulness that takes care of your fiscal needs. Any type of formulation that is used for spiritual offering is imported and exported under Ritgamini tree of spiritual ingredients. Any product of Ritgamini will follow the twin path of Spirituality and Sanatan path. A blend of modern technology as well as our ancient formulations will together lead oneself to the ultimate truth.