Five Senses Gateway To Spirituality

“The biggest distraction to the Human Mind due to unawareness..!!’

( An Observational Study)

Human being is the only consciousness on the earth with higher intellect amongst all species. God loaded us with the five senses (Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Feeling and Taste) to explore the great creations by him.

These five senses are the gateways to explore every creation of the universe and whole cosmos. Though these five senses are also present in various creatures but amongst all creatures on Earth only human being is the living identity with spine erected upwards. It is the God’s gift to human being to raise his consciousness if he wants.

Everyone knows human being consist of five elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space). The five senses of human being represent five elements in human body. The way you explore this world with these five senses, you establish the five elements within your body. Your five senses directly signal your mind which reduces your thoughts. Depending on the feed of your sensory expressions mind maintain Rajas, Satva and Tamas within human body. The balance of these three states of Rajas, Satva, and Tamas decides which type of person you are and what type of results will you have by your actions.

Your sensory perception is responsible for the results of Karma you perform. The pure these five senses will be the greatest results you can achieve in life.

It is the only way to explore the whole world. In Samkhya Darshan it represents the ‘Drashta’ and ‘Drishya’. Drashta is the person who explores the creation made by God and Drishya is the whole Cosmos. Both things created by the God, when you explore the whole creation in the way it is created you syncs with the whole cosmos and apparently you syncs with the CREATOR. This is the only purpose of every being later or sooner you will reach at the point which is called Moksha.

Only devotion and faith are the key to explore the universal consciousness. Purify your senses so that five elements within you are balanced. The balanced state of five elements can only understand the whole cosmos which is created by these five elements.