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Ritanveshi Yogayan Foundation

Ritanveshi Yogayan Foundation

Ritanveshi is a dream project for everyone who wants to eradicate the myths out of society. We are all geared up to re-invent the lost practices and methods of healing, educate people by our programs all over the world and promote spiritual as well as medical tourism in India. With a clear vision and mission, Ritanveshi is divided into 3 fragments, Ritambhara, Yogayan, and Ritgamini.

Ritanveshi word is originated by combining two words: RIT(truth)+ ANVESHAN (Search)= RITANVESHI, Which means Search Of Truth. India has the ancient history of Yogis and Rishis who has announced the exact distances between the earth, moon, sun, and number of other stars which are still under the discovery of the scientists. How did they do that? It proves that ancient Rishis had some powers, methods, or visuals which were used to find those distances whose calculations were dreams for the scientists till a few years back. There is a number of examples of Unbelievable instances in Hindu Holy books. And The Hindus have a deep belief in those instances. Are those instances are really unbelievable? Or they are hiding a whole new world that is based on scientific proof? How did Rishis use to get invisible in the span of a second? How did their curses and blessings use to get followed word by word? How did they use to treat incurable diseases using the roots and leaves of plants? Is it really possible? Yes, it is. All above is possible if someone knows how to search for the Truth.

Ritanveshi is a platform for all those truth seekers who believe that there is a world existing beyond the four walls of the room. Ritanveshi provides a platform to every truth seeker on the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical level to search for the truth which is hidden in nature. Which is known as the supreme lord, One God, One Power, or Source of all existing Energies.


To collaborate globally with research professionals and academicians to unfold the mythologies of Sanatan culture and its interrelation with Human Consciousness.

How Do We Get There?

The best phrase to understand this aspect is Collective Consciousness. In order to understand Sanatan texts and the application of different medical, psychological, and other methodologies, Scientists and Research Scholars need to collaborate with Indian sages and get their understanding, applications, conclusions of these texts and scientifically prove them in a laboratory.

Our Vission

Research Collaborations

Identifying research topics from Sanatan texts collaborations with research organizations, scientists, professors, research scholars from around the globe to participate in our researches community-building activities to attract researchers

Paramanasvigyan Shodh Sansthan

While we continue doing researches that will cumulate to our efforts For humanity, we have the vision to develop a world-class research facility with state-of-the-art equipment for scientists to collaborate in the researches associated with human consciousness.

This centre will be steadily developed as the epicentre of researches aligned on human consciousness and Sanatan treatments for better health.


1. Collaboration with Researchers

Helping Enlighten mankind: It's only through well carried out research that can truly create a positive change in mankind.

2. Sanatan<>Science Relationship Building: We require both to materialize the best livelihood.

According to the Holy text Shri Dasbodh, the meaning of modern science is as follows-

Sakshittva (A state of an observer) is the act pertaining to vrutti (Basic nature), whereas unmani (A thoughtless state) is nivrutti (A cessation of participation in worldly affairs). Pure science is the point where the awareness that ‘I know’ dissolves. ll 50 ll

When we say ‘science’, almost always we think of ‘modern science’. Rationalists and average people think that ‘science’ and ‘Spirituality’ are two separate aspects. Spirituality means the knowledge of infinity, that is, knowledge of all subjects! Then, why would Spirituality not include science? It can be said that science is a branch of Spirituality.

Theoretically, Sanatan Hindu Dharma has described two types of sciences: Paravidya and Aparavidya

● Para vidya means supreme science.

● Aparavidya means inferior sciences


3. Educate and Inspire

With our vision of a Paramanasvigyan Shodh Sansthan, we are here to ensure a better life for all considering Sanatan texts as the highest source of information with respect to Human Consciousness



We are working in collaboration with Organizations and Individuals from
South Korea, Raj Yoga Academy; Switzerland; Germany; Austria; and Australia, Rit Foundation Australia


Dr. Rajesh K. Raj (Yogiraj)

Post Doctorol and Ph.D. (Human Consciousness)