Season 02 : Chakras – The Wheel of Life

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The chakras are energy centers within our astral body, which when balanced bring about health and harmony with the mind, body, and soul. This chakra meditation course is designed for the people who have not been into yoga, or spiritual knowledge but wanted to know about the aspect of different body sheath apart from the physical body and authentic well being with a holistic approach to yoga. Each
chakra pertains to a certain dimension of consciousness and a corresponding region of your brain, which is presently dormant for most. To awaken a certain chakra means to awaken that previously dormant region of your brain, bringing about super-genius levels of creativity, wit and inspiration.
This Six sessions course will also cover the advanced question of life, like what is the reason for our existence, how and why we took birth and what is the reason the things happening to us, it will also give you the knowledge of karma, how it is associated with birth after birth into a non-stopping vicious cycle and how we can stop this birth-death-rebirth cycle by karmas. We will explore each chakra in detail with theory, anatomy, chakra deities, chakra animals, guided meditations, colors, seed mantra & petal mantra, geometric of chakras, chakra tattvas & relation with different lokas and also learn the way how to balance and heal their chakras.

What Will I Learn?

  • By working on chakras, you are transcending your current limitations, improving your perception of life,
  • removing any energetic blockage and aligning your body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit for a more
  • fulfilling and meaningful encounter with life
  • .Learn the traditional meditation techniques on different chakras,
  • Unblock any stagnated energy for more vitality and wakefulness
  • Transcend all your current personal challenges and limitations
  • Remove pranic and psychic knots which could be helpful for the treatment of diseases
  • Awaken the dormant region of the brain.
  • Develop focus, concentration, memory, and intelligence.
  • Purify your body, mind, emotions, and karmic curtains of soul.
  • Radiate the inner joy of perfect self-born bliss.

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  • We recommend to attend our Chakra - 1 course in order to understand Chakra - 2 course. You can also enroll for the Combo pack for the participants who could not attend Chakra - 1.