Role of Yogic Personalities

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In modern society, the battlefield is the symbol of the challenges of our life. We all have mountains of desires, dreams, duties and ambitions, obligations to family, society, and self. Each of us has our own society, family, and culture in which we embedded and through which our self, behavior, personality, and behavior are conditioned.  Personality is a very common term that is used in our day-to-day life. It tells us what type of person one is. Personality can be developed at a physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual level for sound health, a strong mind, pure intellect, and spiritual growth which is possible only through the practice of Yoga. The various Yogic techniques help to induce the complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual relaxation that enhance the personality of an individual with a clear set of thoughts for achieving an individual, organizational and societal objectives. Yoga practices alleviate physical suffering, mental stress, and negative thoughts. It helps to keep an individual focused and ultimately leads a person to enjoy perfect harmony, which gives the personality a great boost. Yoga helps us to identify the inner self so that our life and perceptions get elevated to a higher plane.

Yoga will enable us to find the strength, confidence, presence, and discipline in life and in making us a better human being. It inspires an individual to create awareness about himself and others.

What Will I Learn?

  • The goal is to reconnect the mind and soul back to the physical body through self-reflection, mantras, and spiritual practices. Because the Yoga Sutras are more of a guide rather than an answer, they do not have a specific, universal meaning to them. Instead, they are welcoming to the fact that each person will have their own takeaways from the lessons and teachings.

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Role of Yogic Personalities in Lifestyle

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