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Connect With Your Innernet

Connect with Your Innernet

1st to 7th November 2019, Kalyanika Ashram, Almora, Himalaya

Brief Description Of Kalyanika Ashram

Situated in the dense forests of Uttarakhand, Kalyanika Ashram can be located at about 70 kms north of Nainital on Almora Road. The Ashram is situated in the heart of nature which in itself is a great teacher and a master of the art of balance.


The Ashram welcomes every spiritual seeker with open arms. The center along with its in-built temple demonstrates the architectural excellence in the form of the Shree Yantra; believed to bring in peace and prosperity. A group of five temples viz. the temples of Lord Ganpati, Shiva, Vishnu, Hanuman and Mother Goddess Bhagvati are built in the vicinity of Shree Kalyanika Ashram, adding to its glory. Apart from their captivating beauty, these temples help in setting up a conducive environment vital for following spiritual practices

Special Attraction of Intense Meditation Course

  • The venue is a vibrant ashram, admist lush green Himalayan forest.
  • Yogic diet and Ashram stay by the blessing of Pujya Baba Kalyandas Ji is supportive to connect to inner net.
  • Exotic sight seeing and meditation in the world’s highest charged magnetic field temples (Jageshwar Dham and Kasar Devi).
  • Tracking in deep Himalayan forest.
  • Disconnect from technology and connect with nature deepen your learning.
  • Open the door to something deeper.
  • Being Surrounded with positive energy. It facilitates the learning and provides the opportunity to access your inner self.
  • This journey of yours is an investment in yourself, which can be an answer to your spiritual queries.

Programs Schedule

Morning Session

1. Mantra and Yagna
2. Yoga practical session (asana, pranayama, mudra, bandh, yantra making)

Midday Session

1. Concept of mudra and bandha
2. Understanding of yantra
3. Connection with yantra and cosmic mandala

Evening Session

1. Concept of panch bhoota and its purification
2. Yagnatherapy
3. Yogic concept of disease and its cure

31 Oct, Transfer from Kathgodam/pantnagar to Kalyanika Ashram

Deepen your knowledge on yoga philosophy with Swami Vishveshvarananda Ji.

Participate daily in evening Kirtan.

Mauna (silence) practice 8 pm to 5 am

Know Your Mentors

Yogini Mantra Mudra
Yogini Chaitanyananda
Rachna Raj
Yogi Shubham Arya


Last date to registerst 20th October
For early birds till 10th October

About Ritanveshi Yogayan

Ritanveshi Yogayan is a community of spiritual masters (ultimate truth or ‘rit’) and spiritual seekers (or ‘anveshi’). We believe in spiritual knowledge and truth that needs to be reached out to the society. Everyone attached to Ritanveshi will be encouraged to do his or her best to excel in the realization of the harmony, love, devotion, wisdom and activity, in the spirit of selfless service

Benefits By This Course

  • Reconnection with ourself by feeling the body mind relationship
  • Reset effect for a new journey
  • Increase trust in ourselves
  • Channelizing pranic centers
  • Leads to linear concentration
  • Balance gunas/doshas
  • Connection with the healing power of innerself
  • Bring holistic health harmonizing psychophysiological rhythms

Payment Details

NRI Account for Foreign Delegates:


Account Number: 33041813458
AC Name: Rajesh Kumar Raj
Swift Code: SBININBB558

Indian Account for Indian Delegates:


Account Number: 20125633580
AC Name: Rachna Raj
IFSC: SBIN0001868