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Vishranti Vihar Intense Meditation Course

Buddha Vihar Indian Spiritual Tour

16 to 30 November, 2018, Kalyanika Ashram, Almora, Himalaya

Brief Description Of Kalyanika Ashram

Situated in the dense forests of Uttarakhand, Kalyanika Ashram can be located at about 70 kms north of Nainital on Almora Road. The Ashram is situated in the heart of nature which in itself is a great teacher and a master of the art of balance.


The Ashram welcomes every spiritual seeker with open arms. The center along with its in-built temple demonstrates the architectural excellence in the form of the Shree Yantra; believed to bring in peace and prosperity. A group of five temples viz. the temples of Lord Ganpati, Shiva, Vishnu, Hanuman and Mother Goddess Bhagvati are built in the vicinity of Shree Kalyanika Ashram, adding to its glory. Apart from their captivating beauty, these temples help in setting up a conducive environment vital for following spiritual practices

Special Attraction of Intense Meditation Course

  • 10 Hours everyday course
  • Yogic diet & Ashram stay
  • Puja Sandhya and Mantra
  • Himalayan sightseeing with temples and beautiful Himalayan lakes and rivers.
  • Fire ceremony and forest walk
  • Practical and applied Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Astrology
  • Swara Yoga, Yantra, Mantra and Tantra
  • Prana Vidya, Chakra Shuddhi, Tattwa Shuddhi and Chitta Shuddhi
  • The venue is situated amidst a lush green forest in Almora, Himalaya.
  • This divine and beautiful Ashram is blessed by Pujya Baba Kalyandas Ji which helps in channelizing the entire Prana and Chitta to attend the Wisdom and Samadhi

Programs Schedule

16th -17th November

Delhi to Kalyanika


18th , 19th , 20th November, 2018

1. Asana & Pranayama (5-7)
2. Applied Astrology & Ayurveda(8-10)
3. Mantra & Yantra (11-1)
4. Swara & Tattwa (2-4)
5. Yajna & Prana (5-7)

21st November

Sightseeing: Mukteshwar/Jageshwar


22nd , 23rd , 24th November, 2018

1. Pranayama & Mudra (5-7)
2. Applied Ayurveda (8-10)
3. Mantra & Yantra (11-1)
4. Tattwa Shuddhi (2-4)
5. Chakra Shuddhi & Yajna (5-7)

25th November

Sightseeing: Almora/Kausani


26th , 27th , 28th November, 2018

1. Mudra & Nada Bindu (5-7)
2. Applied Naturopathy (8-10)
3. Mantra & Yantra (11-1)
4. Chitta Shuddhi (2-4)
5. Yajna & Bhuta Shuddhi (5-7)

29th -30th November, 2018 Sightseeing: Lakes Near Nainital & Kalyanika to Delhi

Know Your Mentors

Dr. Rajesh Raj

Ph.D (HumanConsciousness)

Mrs. Rachna Raj

Naturopath (10 Yrs)

Dr. Indrajeet

Yoga Practitioner

Swami Charnashrit

Ayurveda Acharya


42000 / person
for 15 days
31000 / person
for 10 days
18000 / person
for 5 days