Dr. Rajesh Kumar Raj


Prof. Rajesh Raj, Our Mentor, A yoga professor, resident of South Korea, and an academician with over 2 decades of experience, Conducted over 200 international seminars, workshops & conferences over 50+ Countries across Globe. He has been closely attached to several philanthropic activities which he tends to keep a secret as a mild contribution towards society. He has been spearheading several initiatives to bring human consciousness and awareness through his Online courses on Meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Patanjali Yogasutra, many more, and their deeper philosophy with his new Initiative, an organization called Yogiraj. All details about his Free Courses are available on www.yogiraj.org 

Rachna Raj


Naturopath & Yoga Expert, Lead of Yogayan working in the field of Holistic Healthcare, and Naturopathy.

Rajeev Sharma


A Businessman with his faith in Traditional India and its sciences & practices. A lead of Ritgamini.

Falguni Sharma


Asst. Professor (Computer Science), Pursuing post-doctoral studies in Biomedical sciences

Prateek Vyas

IT Head

An entrepreneur with 10+ years in IT industry. Lead for Yogmitra division of Ritanveshi Yogayan.

Shashank Atrey

An enthusiast with experience of hospitality and tourism industry. Lead for Vishranti i.e. Tourism division of Ritanveshi.

Ajay Panday

15+ years and continued in IT and Telecom industry, currently associated with ERICSSON based in Noida.

Gianna Gabriel

Gianna Gabriel is a sound healing expert and preaches Hatha Yoga in Dubai from 16 Years. She is originally from Belarus.

Shrimurti Ji

Doctor of Homeopathy, Expert of Advanced Yogic science, & Progressive Yoga Vidhya.

Saroj Kanta Kar

Famous philisopher in Indian Literature and Buddhisht Religion. Faculty at Nalanda University, Bihar

Mukesh Saraswat

A disciple and true seeker from great saints and yoga acharyas. A government employee by profession.