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(दिव्य चेतना का विस्तार)



  • BHOOT SHUDDHI: Detoxification of Five Elements
  • MANO SHUDDHI: Detoxification of Mind
  • ATMA SHUDDHI: Detoxification of Karmas
  • PRANA SHUDDHI: Detoxification of Prana and Prana Channels
  • CHITTA SHUDDHI: Detoxification of Consciousness

Online Courses

Before plunging into practicing meditation or Yoga and achieving a state of deep mental peace, it is indispensable to know them thoroughly. For an unreserved knowledge of these two practices, Ritanveshi offers two online courses to Yoga professionals, those looking forward to becoming one and to those who are looking forward to getting a recognition from the Govt. of India in the field of Yoga.

What are these Online Courses?

Structured by our scholarly mentors, our online courses are the stepping stone to foray into the world of Yoga and Meditation. There are two different online courses with different duration and certificates:

  • Yoga Demonstrator: It is a 100-hour program (maximum 2 months) targeted towards honing the skill sets of Yoga Demonstrator.
  • Yoga Instructor: It is a 200-hour program (maximum 3 months) targeted towards honing the skill sets of Yoga Teachers.
  • Yoga Teacher: This 300-hour program (maximum 6 months) has been specially designed for the senior teachers in the field of Yoga.
  • Yoga Master: It is a 400-hour program (maximum 12 months) targeted towards honing the skill sets of Yoga Master.

Online Courses With a Personalized Touch

With pre-recorded high-definition video from our eminent Yoga teachers, these online courses ensure that you are well versed with the ins and outs of Yoga and Meditation. However, to further strengthen your knowledge of these disciplines and enable you to live a life wrapped with good health and peace, the courses have offline modules as well.


The students, enrolled in these courses need to come to a specific location in India for 2-4 weeks in 1 year/6 months courses. During their visit, they will get to learn face to face from the mentors, acharyas, and gurus. With an emphasis on meditation and spiritualism, the students will be toured to high vibration and power points where they’ll plummet in an aura boasting of a great potential to implement their learnings. The offline aspect of the course has assessment tests followed by certification.

Why Enrol with the Courses offered by Ritanveshi Yogayan?

  • Scheme of voluntary certification of Yoga Professionals supported by AYUSH Ministry of India.
  • Our state‐of‐the‐art elaborative AV lectures are based on real‐life instances and their resonance with Yoga. Our entire course is delivered in most pragmatic and illustrative way.
  • Frequent assignment analysis to make you learn the concepts thoroughly.
  • Our highly qualified mentors deliver the knowledge systematically so as to ensure quality deliverance of the same by the applicants to their students.

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses are available for Yoga instructors, Yoga Teachers, and even freshers. Education and age are not a restriction to join these courses. You can enroll with the courses by clicking HERE

Theoretical Classes includes:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra
  • Introduction to Human Systems, Yoga & Health
  • Sukshma Vyayama(Subtle Exercises) and Shat Karma
  • Yogic psychology and application
  • Yogic anatomy and physiology

Practical Classes Include:

  • Asana Classes
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation Practises
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Yogic Application on Human Body
  • Sharing Yoga teaching facts from classic e-books
  • Yoga terms reference sheets
Entire online course material is divided into modules. Besides AV (Audio-Video), you can also go for audio lessons only. Supporting text material is also provided along with AV of all the modules of the course. The courses also have an offline module attached to them wherein the students need to come to a specific location in India for 2-4 weeks in 1 year/6 months courses to learn from the mentors, acharyas, and gurus.
There are two ways to reach out the tutor of a course in Ritanveshi Yogayan. The first one is a through a discussion forum. In this, we will create an online community where students can interact with other students and ask questions. Other students and gurujis can respond. People may write their question – we will respond by email within a defined timeframe (24-48 hours). The second is via conference calls. Once in 3-month / 6-month – we can get into video conference call with all students/teachers together. This is will help in knowing others, query resolution, and brainstorming sessions.
Initially, primary teaching language is going to be English. Later, we will dub the contents into other languages depending on the countries that we cater to.
No, Ritanveshi Yogayan (www.ritanveshi.com) is the only valid website for all sorts of web related communication including the application for online courses. Please refrain yourself from registering for the courses on any other portal or website.
No, you cannot bypass coming to India for successful completion of this course. Once the student reaches India at the pre-decided venue for offline classes of the remaining course, an examination will be conducted(theoretical + practical), on basis of which the certification will be given to the student.
The certificate can help you pull more students and clients as it is a proof of your immense experience in the field of Yoga and meditation.
Please post your query in our “Post a Query” section along with your credentials and one of our executives will get in touch with you soon. Alternatively, you can send your query on info@ritanveshi.com