The Secrets of Prana Vidya

By Dr. RAJESH K. RAJ On Jun 28, 2020

Life implies Energy. There are different sorts of vitality in which our entire life streams. From physical Energy, we do our physical works, from mental Energy we do think, envision, retain and take choices. We have numerous different energies for some things we do in our life. These energies might be biochemical or may pursue Physics calculations. In quantum material science, you can say nuclear vitality, Ionic or electron. Be that as it may, everything inside us works because of the vitality. On the off chance that you see all around again you feel everything is vitality. The sun, moon and stars or wind, water and earth or moving, static, non-natural and living being and so on. Everything is initially the Different kinds of energies. This isn’t just the subject of the examination in current time yet we have been learning about vitality from a large number of years. Antiquated Indians named it Prana. Our physical body is this storage facility of pranic vitality. Researcher currently found the vitality connect between the physical and clairvoyant capacities. Science has reasoned that Energy or pranic power can be changed over into material power and material power can be changed over into pranic power. Each cell of the body is associated with this pranic current through an unpredictable arrangement of vitality channels or streams known as nadis. The nadis have been inquired about and their capacity can be contrasted and that of an electrical framework. Vitality is conveyed in our physical body similarly as the electrical framework disseminated vitality from the producing Station of your home. Body is the base and prana is the power. We realize that the body and psyche can’t exist without prana. The study of prana vidya is intended to encourage the correct dissemination of prana all through the entire body. Prana vidya likewise shows us how to expel all sort of affliction and illnesses. We get familiar with the best possible exchange of vitality from the universe. The exchange of prana is a characteristic event which happens constantly, intentionally just as unknowingly, streams outward and internal. Vibration or vitality charges are always being radiated or assimilated from each physical body.

The prompt point of prana vidya is to stir and control prana deliberately. By creating unobtrusive mindfulness the specialist can see and pick up learning of the idea of prana, which thus prompts new elements of mindfulness. Prana Vidya is worried about both the extension of cognizance and the enlivening of prana that in the end prompts contemplation and flawless association – yoga. Mending is, in this light, just of optional significance. Prana vidya includes the enlivening of the absolute character and prompts self-acknowledgment or moksha, its definitive objective. Reflection is a way to deal with preparing the brain, like how wellness is a way to deal with preparing the body. This is a routine with regards to internal adventure through prāṇa, faculties, psyche, inner self and awareness. Reflection is tied in with developing present-minute mindfulness and receiving the endless rewards that originate from the training. This incorporates actuating your body’s common recuperating powers, expanding mindfulness that prompts progressively cognizant decisions, and ending up less responsive in every day life. Contemplation is the method for associating with God by building up a more profound degree of cognizance. By thinking, an individual can speak with the Almighty on the intra-individual level.

Prana Vidya practice is a procedure of adjusting and mending the vitality or the bio-plasmic body (or the pranamaya kosha) and through that, recuperating the physical body. This method of mending includes diverting of vitality from healer to the patient. The healers retain the vitality that exists in nature as Sun, Air, Earth, Water, Trees and Food and centers that vitality towards the influenced zone of the patient. The recuperating practices center around mending the influenced zones through the vitality chakras and meridians in the body. These chakras and meridian framework fill in as the wellspring of vitality inflow and surge in the human body, and mending them brings about recuperating of the illnesses. The reason for this sadhana is to achieve a total recovery and change of the body-mind guideline and a development of the cognizance. These are rehearsed in different ways giving various advantages to the body and psyche. Pranavidya likewise signifies enormous power or the intensity of the whole universe which shows itself as a cognizant living being in us through the wonder of relaxing. Pranavidya is both the science and specialty of cleaning the nadis in the Pranamaya Kosha. Through controlled breathing for example modifying the cadence of inward breath and exhalation, it is conceivable to control the prana, imperative power in the body. Sanitizing the channels along which the lifestream of ‘prana’ streams, forestalls and even fix an assortment of physical and mental diseases. All the while, it likewise builds one’s general insusceptibility and protection from infection.

Laws of Prana Vidya

1. Psychic breath: The mystic breath is the main key to prana vidya, and is the joining of the physical breath with mindfulness. In the underlying phase of clairvoyant breathing, the main prerequisite is getting to be mindful of the breath without attempting to influence its characteristic stream. When this is accomplished, the development of breath is to be knowledgeable about the type of ujjayi pranayama. Consciousness of the profound sound and vibration we make during ujjayi (where the throat is delicately contracted) and its development during inward breath and exhalation finishes the procedure of clairvoyant relaxing. Clairvoyant breathing is a fundamental piece of prana vidya and must be aced to the point where it turns out to be very unobtrusive and unconstrained.

2. Psychic section: The second key to prana vidya is the clairvoyant entry. This is any pathway in the body through which mindfulness, breath and prana are coordinated in one stream of the joined power. We can make a clairvoyant entry anyplace, to or from any piece of the body. When the entry is envisioned, the clairvoyant breath can be moved anyplace in the body utilizing ujjayi pranayama. This will realize a real pranic move.

3. Psychic focuses: The third key to prana vidya is the mystic focuses or chakras. Chakras are vortexes of inconspicuous prana situated at explicit focuses in the spine. They were acknowledged or ‘seen’ by the yogis in antiquated occasions through mystic contemplation. The expert needs to wind up mindful of how each chakra impacts the action of pranic vitality, and what experience happens when the different chakras are stirred. With the systems of prana vidya, the chakras can be stirred rapidly.

4. Psychic sound: The fourth key to prana vidya is the mystic sound. As per nothing yoga, sound shows inside just as outside. The act of nothing yoga includes the withdrawal of sound-related discernment so we never again hear outside sounds. We watch any sounds that emerge precipitously from inside the mystic space in the focal point of the head, known as chidakash. The sounds start in an exceptionally unobtrusive manner, and slowly the power increments. These sounds incorporate the tinkling of chimes or notes of a stringed instrument. A definitive sound is the significant, throbbing, supernatural sound of the mantra Om.

5. Psychic image: The fifth key to prana vidya is the clairvoyant image, which is experienced through the act of focus. This image can be any item on which we can fix our brain. It tends to be a conceptual image, a scene from nature, a geometrical figure (yantra), the sun or moon, or anything that pulls in us. By focusing on the picture of the image, we bit by bit build up the capacity to see it inside, as unmistakably as we see it outside.

Written By

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Raj