(1) The Vision of Ritanveshi Yogayan is to tackle the tough task of finding an outlook that will integrate people’s lives sufficiently to give them a sense of increasing spirituality.

(2) Develop wisdom to find, develop, secure and propagate universal truths and fundamental knowledge to the populace.


Ritanveshi plans an integral approach to spirituality. Ritanveshi fosters the harmony, devotion, knowledge and action. Everyone attached to Ritanveshi will be encouraged to do his or her best to excel in the realization of the harmony, love, devotion, wisdom and activity, in the spirit of selfless service.

Expand knowledge and stem Paramanas Vigyan Shodh Sansthan (Parapsychology Research Centre) where parapsychological claims from all around the world can be verified and archieved by utilizing our equipment and team of international parapsychologists.